Integrating timeless principles with modern research to transform mindsets and organizational cultures


You may have already invested in leadership and management training and seen no lasting benefits after the initial enthusiasm wore off. Rather than focusing on the root causes of problems, this training may have provided formulaic techniques that didn’t quite fit your circumstances. You sense within your organization a tremendous reserve of human ingenuity, but how can that be tapped?

Leaders of organizations today understand they need to find fresh approaches to accomplish more with less. Yet, many respond to this call for action by spending their days firefighting problems and trying to fix employee behavior. Unaware of more leveraged and less coercive ways to facilitate organizational change, many leaders experience constant stress or even feel burnt-out.

Fortunately there is a better way. The organizational transformation that is needed begins with individual transformation. Leaders that inspire others understand that issuing orders in a command and control style is often destructive to morale and chokes off access to the organizational intelligence they are striving to ignite.

Barry Brownstein’s workshops provide lasting benefits because participants explore the root causes of their leadership challenges. An internal shift in the mindset of leaders enables cultural change that yields increased employee engagement and sought-after organizational outcomes.

Workshops are custom-designed to meet your needs and provide tangible and immediate benefits without the need for participants to remember techniques.

Benefits to participants and your organization include the following. Participants will be able to:

• Uncover hidden beliefs and dysfunctional thinking that limit their effectiveness as leaders and negatively impact the culture of their organization.
• Recognize their state of mind as a critical variable in their leadership success.
• Experience tangible reductions in stress, improved relationships at work and home, and heightened engagement in their own work,
• Become better listeners and facilitators of win-win solutions.
• Shed a “me” orientation and lead from a “we” orientation that recognizes and enables organizational intelligence.
• Expand their capacity to lead by engaging—not controlling—others.
• Utilize shared purpose, values, and simple rules to transform organizational cultures.

Barry can bring his workshops onsite at your organization. Or, your people can experience these significant learning experiences in retreat format at a location of your choice or the beautiful resort of Waterville Valley, New Hampshire.

Contact Barry to set-up a consultation to explore how he can meet your organization’s needs.

Praise for Barry’s leadership teachings:

“You teach people, in a profound way, how to be happier, more productive, and increase their emotional intelligence. Your teachings are different because they can change your entire state of being. They can help you to think clearer, worry less, and live more truly in the moment. They can free you from wasting time, and creating negative and senseless energy that carries no value to anyone.”
“Outstanding. This workshop should be required for everyone in the organization.”
“Barry Brownstein represents the rarest and highest level of educator … I have never witnessed a group learn so much and be so thoroughly challenged.”
“In my very humble opinion, Barry Brownstein is a virtuoso at the craft of teaching business leaders.”
“The ideas Barry presented are not just ‘interesting or neat’ things to think about, but are life-changing.”
“I have felt myself wishing that more people around me, in my organization and my personal relationships could have the opportunity to learn the concepts I did…These ideas are as important as any I can think of.”
“Wow! That’s how I would describe how the insights that I’ve gained from this experience have affected me.”
“The principles I learned temper my thinking every day. Your thinking is fresh and genuine, practical and understandable.”

Contact Barry to explore how he can meet your organization’s needs.